The same recipe for three generations

Our hot sauce is the one and only premium Surinamese hot sauce and is made on a picalilli base.

Grandma Louise sold sandwiches from home which she made authentically spicy with this sauce to the students of the adjacent Hendriksschool. After this caught on, people came from all over Paramaribo to buy sandwiches with this hot sauce.

Years later in the Netherlands, our customers kept asking in the record store about the spicy sandwiches from Suriname and so that we started selling the sandwiches from the kitchen of the record store.

So we can rightly call our hot sauce the real Surinamese hot sauce.

The hot sauce is spicy yet tasteful and full of sliced vegetables. We have been making the Aji uma for 45 years now, which we have also been selling in jars since 2016.

Together with Kesbeke we have improved our product and we have given the jars a new look, illustrated by Hedy Tjin. (@tjinhedy)

To accommodate the real spicy lovers, we have used hotter peppers to make the sauce spicier, so that the taste remains intact. The chocolate Trinidad scorpion and the Carolina reaper are perfect for this.

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De lekkerste Hotsaus is van Tjin's. in samenwerking met Kesbeke hebben wij... 

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    Tjin's hot sauce belongs in your kitchen cupboard

    Author Joris Bijdendijk, Parool 30 April 2021

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    You can get our hot sauce from us but also in various toko's and webshops

    Currently available in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Amstelveen and Schoonhoven

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    Do you have, or do you know a toko that needs to sell our hot sauce, please contact us

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