Refund policy

The Consumer can dissolve an Online Agreement regarding the purchase of a Product without giving reasons within the cooling-off period of 14 days after entering into the purchase contract ('Right of Withdrawal').

2. In connection with the perishability of the Offer, the Customer has no right to dissolve the Agreement. Cancellation of the Order by the Customer with Tjin's is only possible if Tjin's explicitly indicates that Cancellation of the Order by the Customer is possible.

Tjin's has the right to cancel the Order if, for example, the Offer is not
is no longer available, the Customer has provided an incorrect or unreachable telephone number or other contact details or in case of force majeure.

If the Customer places a false Order (for example by providing incorrect contact details, not paying or not being present at the delivery location or collection location to receive the Order) or otherwise fails to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement , then can decide to refuse future Orders from the relevant Customer.

Tjin's has the right to refuse Orders and cancel Agreements if there is reasonable doubt about the correctness or authenticity of the Order or the contact details. If Tjin's cancels an Order that has already been paid, Tjin's will transfer that amount to the same account from which the payment was made. If the Customer places apparently false or fraudulent Orders, Tjin's can report this to the police.